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In order for your vessels to be as secure as possible, Marina Veruda has decided to make a complete reconstruction of the anchorage system and we will have to move your b ...


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Environment protection

Doing business while taking special care of the environment is a priority at Tehnomont Marina Veruda. This was proven by the diamond plaque we were awarded in 2018 for 20 years of uninterrupted loyalty to the International Blue Flag Programme! 

As a proof that all required criteria have been met, the Blue Flag raising ceremony took place in the Marina on 8 June 2018 for the 20th consecutive time. The Blue Flag is a world-renowned eco-label and in 2018 it flew in 44 countries and in 4,558 marinas and beaches. The Blue Flag criteria are focused on safety, cleanliness of the sea and the coast, and environmental education. At Marina Veruda you can become the owner of an individual Blue Flag! The international Blue Flag is the most well-known environmental recognition both in Europe and in the rest of the world, and being the owner of an individual Blue Flag is a great honour and a sign of high environmental awareness of its holder. Just come to the marina reception, say you want your own Blur Flag, sign the environmental code of conduct and pay the fee - and in a couple of minutes the Blue Flag will fly on your boat.

The person in charge is Mrs. Jelena Cvek Terlević 

 Tel: +385 52 535 037