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Marina Veruda

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About us

Marina Veruda, one of the pearls of the local coastline, is a tourist area located in Veruda channel in the south part of Pula, bordered by the peninsula Verudela on the west and the bay Pješčana uvala on the east. In a peaceful and quiet small port surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, authentic fishermen's traditions today are interwoven with comprehensive yacht services for modern leisure navigation and the focal points of the city's tourist offer.

Outside of the crowded city centre, and yet so close as it takes you only five minutes to get there, this protected oasis was chosen by the ancient Romans to be one of their main landing ports in the northern Adriatic when three thousand years ago they permanently settled in the first urban centre of this part of the ancient world called Colonia Pietas lulia Pola Pollentia Herculanea. Along with the Brijuni Islands and Vižula near Medulin, the Volaria bay was also an important maritime point in the ancient Roman Empire due to its ideal geostrategic location.

If it was good for the Romans, it should be good for us too, so back in 1978 we decided to build our Marina here in the Volaria bay. Back then, it was just a meadow with no electricity, water, road or facilities. The first pier and the prefabricated building of the old reception were built in 1979 and since the marina has unstoppably grown over time. Today, Marina Veruda offers berths in the sea as well as moorings on land. All piers are equipped with electricity and water supply. The marina offers a myriad of comprehensive services for seafarers, ranging from supply and food & beverage offer to various repair and maintenance services, and it is constantly expanding and improving the range of its port services according to the wishes of today's seafarers. We can state with confidence that Marina Veruda is ideal for yacht tourism thanks to its very attractive location and the quality of its services.

Moreover, being ideally located in the Veruda bay and fully sheltered from both winds and waves, the marina provides safety to yachters, because there is almost no threat either from the sea, the land or the air that could endanger the vessels moored at its piers. One of the most important advantages of Marina Veruda is that the vessels moored at our berths do not get much dirty because the marina is not located within a city port, hence the specific natural sea currents within the bay enhance the cleanliness of the vessels - in the first half of the day, the sea currents move in one direction, and in the second part of the day, they move in the opposite direction. The current changes directions, so in the morning, it seems as if the ships are sailing, when they are actually peacefully moored. As a proof of its environmental compatibility, Marina Veruda has been awarded the Blue Flag for many consecutive years, which is the most recognized model of environment-friendly and sustainable activities when it comes to care for the sea and the environment.

With 19 piers and 630 berths, Marina Veruda can provide more than our competition. Its connection with the rest of the world is a huge advantage because there are a highway, an airport and a railway only a few kilometres away. When it comes to the services available at our marina, we would like to highlight the gas station, supermarket, laundry, toilets, wellness, outdoor pool, restaurant, and our repair & maintenance service staff being at your disposal and offering its assistance in any situation. For some marinas these things are a luxury, whereas for us it is the standard that year after year we raise to a higher level to make you, our dear guests, feel comfortable and safe.

All this should be more than enough to make you want visit our marina and see for yourselves all our advantages. Our professional and friendly staff will make sure that your stay here is more than pleasant and that all your wishes are fulfilled. The drivers of our success are our people. Highly skilled and professional staff, teamwork, and friendly atmosphere result in high quality service, professional support and, most importantly, satisfied guests. Natural beauties, protected landscape and unspoiled nature are only a part of what you can experience while sailing to our marina. And once you arrive, we'll make sure that you feel at home. Because we love the sea and everybody who loves the sea.