Test point COVID 19- Marina Veruda

Tehnomont d.d. has organized for its and charter companies guests a test point for COVID-19 every Friday from  starting at 15:00 (it’s situated where is the self-paying parking device) with  announcement 24 h before at e-mail charter@marina-veruda.hr

The following tests are offered:
- fast antigen test,the result can be obtained in a couple of hours
- PCR test,  the result can be obtained within 24 hours.
Payment is on-site, only by credit card.
The procedure for charter agencies is as follows:
1. You have to send an e-mail to: tiha@marina-veruda.hr, 48 hours before the testing.  The e-mail should contain a list of guests who want to be tested that week (Friday), a note of which test (ANTIGEN or PCR) should patients be tested on and a signed consent for each guest (attached)
2. The guest  has to come to the testing, do the testing  and pay for it.
3. Tehnomont d.d. will obtain findings and will forward them to your e-mail (e-mail of the charter agency) as soon as possible, which will further be distributed the to its guests.
For all ambiguities, prices  and inquiries, contact Tiha Tintor  +385 (0)98 210 053