Environmental protection is one of our top priorities: we have been proud holders of the Blue Flag since 1999 and of the Green Flag since 2019. Our environmental awareness has already become a tradition: every year we organise, together with members of local diving clubs, a seabed cleanup drive taking place in the marina waters. The removed marine litter includes accidentally lost items, but also, unfortunately, some intentionally thrown trash. However, there is noticeably less marine litter every year. Precisely for this reason, by taking small steps on a daily basis we want to contribute to keeping the sea clean and to raise the awareness of the marina users about the need for paying more attention and taking care of the environment.






For years we have been committed to municipal solid waste sorting and recycling. In our marina there are 6 recycling stations with separate containers for hazardous waste, used oil, batteries and oily rags.


Hard-working fellows from the marina maintenance department take care of the olive trees planted within the Marina Veruda area by mowing the olive grove, pruning the olive trees, spraying the branches and picking healthy olives as true professionals. Most of them have learned all about olives within their own families that are engaged in olive growing. After the harvest, they transport the olives to the modern olive oil production facility owned by Davor Zanini in the nearby town of Banjole. The oil is then bottled and stored. The state-of-the-art technology of the olive oil refinery “Nonno Bruno” and the atmosphere full of multigenerational, traditional love of the Zanini family for olives guarantee the quality of their oils. We give this oil as a gift to our loyal guests and business partners. To accompany our premium food and wine offer, our guests ask for the underlying story about local dishes, top quality Istrian wines, and the extra virgin olive oil. They are especially thrilled when we show them our olive grove and explain them that the marina’s oil originates precisely from these trees. And this is a story that will never end................


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