Nautical department

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Marina Veruda disposes of its own service shop for boat maintenance and repairs and a nautical services department, whose qualified and licensed personnel will give you technical advice and operational assistance with repairs and maintenance of your boat, engine and electronic equipment. In case of emergency (failure, water penetration, accident), we organize a fast and efficient acceptance, lifting and repair of boats.
The marina has two cranes, of 10 tons and 30 tons, and two boat transporters with a lifting capacity up to 30 tons.

Nautical services include:

- lifting and launching of boats (motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans) up to 27 tons of weight and 2.9m draught
- hull cleaning with high-pressure pumps
- application of antifouling coatings for hull protection
- hull polishing, and in cooperation with our partners:
- hull, deck, mast and sail repairs
- accommodation of vessels on dry dock

We organize a fast and efficient acceptance and lifting of boats in case of emergency such as failure, water penetration, accident, we provide accommodation ashore for such boats and, in cooperation with our partners, repair services.

We can store your boat ashore for the purpose of maintenance, repairs, servicing for various periods of time (from a minimum of 1 day to as long as the boat owner wants – e.g. a month, half a year, a year).
We offer 250 boat park places ashore and 50 boat places in the dry dock.
We carry out mast lifting and lowering operations and provide accommodation for masts on land.
All services are commissioned and arranged in one place.

For boat lifting i.e. launching, you have to make an appointment with the head of nautical department at least one week in advance. The request has to be presented in writing, either personally at the service office or sent to the email address:

Contact details:

Head of the Nautical Service: Mr. Mušan Topalić
Phone: +385 (0)99 22 800 93