The accelerated pace of life and daily obligations determine people’s priorities and life needs, and it was necessary to provide quality parking systems that will enable control of vehicle entrances and exits with a quick and simple payment method for carefree movement of guests and employees of Marina Veruda. The parking system is upgraded with lane control by recognizing car plates, which also makes it an eco-friendly system. Therefore, there are no more parking tickets, it is enough to approach the ramp with your vehicle for the system to scan your car’s registration plate.
After entering the marina, you have 150 minutes of free parking. If your stay is longer than stated, you can pay for parking at the entrance/exit gate, at the marina reception and at the payment terminal, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the marina exit. You can pay for parking per day, week or month according to the valid price list of Marina Veruda 2024.

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Parking for private guests in Marina Veruda is located between piers 1 and 12.

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Parking for charter guests is located at the very entrance to the marina on the right side, on the dry dock.
Buses and camper trailers are prohibited from entering the marina. It is strictly forbidden for campers to connect to electricity cabinets.


Entry/exit port 0-24 (cash, credit card: diners, visa, mastercard, maestro)
Payment terminal 0-24 (credit card: diners, visa, mastercard, maestro)
Reception 7-20 (cash, credit card: diners, visa, mastercard, maestro)

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